Center’s general objective is enabling better quality of life for the persons after acquired brain injury. We help injured persons to return to the life they knew before and teach them how to live and love the life after the injury. 

According to the highest professional and ethical standards we want to support and encourage the rehabilitation in the domestic environment and advise relatives how to effectively tackle the situation.

For our clients we want:

✓that they develop and sustain the highest level of independence and responsibility in their personal life

✓that they become, according to their abilities, a precious part of the society


The activities of Center KORAK involve support and supervision through controlled activities in special conditions.

Our programme consists of:


✓work therapy
✓psychosocial rehabilitation
✓health care
✓various pedagogical programmes, including study circles.

Our work is organised individually or in the groups. The quality of the programme is achieved through personalized programmes combined with individual treatment. The treatment programmes are designed by our professionals in cooperation with the relatives of the clients.


We invite you to become a donor of Center KORAK. With your financial or material support you contribute to the quality of rehabilitation programme for persons after acquired brain injury in our center.

In 2012 donations will be intended for purchase of tandem bicycle, pottery kiln, interactive whiteboard, for animal-assisted therapy, garden adjustments with raised garden beds for wheelchair users and for implementation of multi-day camp for users of our rehabilitation programme.
We are grateful for your generosity in support of our aim to improve the quality of rehabilitation programme for persons after acquired brain injury.

Contributions can be credited to the:
IBAN: SI 56 0313 8108 6829 888


Center KORAK
for the Persons with Acquired Brain Injury
Kidričeva 53
SI – 4000 KRANJ

Phone: +386 4 2818610

Fax: +386 4 2818612
E-mail: info@center-korak.si

Mateja Korošec
, director

Phone: +386 4 2818610

Mobile: +386 40 213785
E-mail: mateja.korosec@center-korak.si

Marjan Kalamar
, social worker

Phone: +386 4 2818614

Mobile: +386 40 200486
E-mail: marjan.kalamar@center-korak.si



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